5 Reasons Why Your Local Business Needs A Website In 2019

5 Reasons Why Your Local Business Needs A Website In 2019

Undoubtedly, having a website is essential. The online reputation of a business becomes more and more essential in 2019 and beyond! Users are engaging online more than ever before.

That’s why it’s important that you ask yourself:

If you have changed your way of buying, why don’t you change your way of selling?

The website is one of the basic pillars of an online presence strategy of any business. The cost of investing in a site is paled in comparison to the benefit of having a central location in which to send users who may be looking for your products or services. Higher visibility in local markets means increased exposure to local users who may be more likely to purchase from your business.

Here are 5 top reasons why your business needs a web page:

#1 Your Customers Are Looking for You on The Internet

This is clear to you, isn’t it? We live connected. An overwhelming majority of consumers (who grow every day) browse the internet continuously. We do it before traveling, going to a restaurant, to the cinema, or making a purchase. We use the internet to inform us about prices, schedules, points of sale or the condition of everything we buy and consume. When was the last time you looked at the Yellow Pages to find a product or service nearby?

Your website is also a new communication channel with customers. They can chat live with you, make inquiries or send you their comments. If you manage this communication properly, your business will be perceived as more reliable and responsive to customers. Promoting and maintaining interaction with clients will strongly reinforce your professional image and you will get more loyal buyers!

In addition, the best thing about the internet is that your information will be displayed at the moment your client is interested. The time when the buyer has a need to satisfy. Moreover, your website can “serve” them at any time of the day or night. Creating a web page for your business will allow you to display information created and managed by you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, every day of the year. The online page works for you full time. It’s like a branch of your business. It is a showcase that remains permanently visible to all interested users.

#2 It Improves the Reputation of Your Business

Have you searched for the name of your business on the internet? Test it! It is important. Not managing your online presence can manifest negative consequences for your goals.

When you search for your business name on Google, you may see an incomplete Google My Business listing with images captured by Google systems or contributed by users. Surely, that is not the image you want to give!

A website of your business is the perfect place to project a careful and professional image. You can create the best impressions for your prospects. It is also the support to show the history of the brand, its values, ​​and objectives.

The professional website works as a business card these days. It is the first impression that users will have about your business. We already know how important first impressions are.

#3 Your Competitors Already Have A Website!

Have you looked at what your competitors are doing?

Search their names on Google. Most assuredly, most of them will already have their presence on the Internet.

Analyzing the online presence of your competitors will allow you to see things with more objectivity. Is their website better than yours?

It is important that you ask yourself this question: if you need your product or service, would you choose your own brand? Does your online image completely convince you? Does it improve your competition? If the answer is no, get down to work!

You can (and should) control your professional presence on the internet. It is where competition is increasingly fierce nowadays. Luckily, the online world democratizes competition in a certain way. A small company with a good online positioning strategy can achieve greater visibility than larger companies with an improper online presence. However, you have to work on it!

#4 Improvement of brand positioning

Most of the time, there is a common error that many entrepreneurs make. They look for their name on the Internet, they look at results (many times, there is only one Facebook Page Fan) and they are satisfied. They say: “Ah, I am there, good!” But let me tell you one thing: that does not help much when it comes to inviting buyers.

Why? Because the user does not search for the name of your brand. The user searches “keywords” according to their needs at the moment. That’s why you need your business to be among the first results of these searches. You can do it by SEO positioning (of which you have surely heard).

Now search in Google the keywords of your business by adding the name of your city: “Restaurant Chicago”, “barbershop New York”, or “Café on Toronto” … Is your business among the first results? If you are new players, possibly not!

A web page is a space where the keywords of your activity are included (for example, sushi restaurant). Including keywords gives you a better appearance in the eyes of Google, since it extends the information about your business.

#5 Your Website Can Display Your Business in Multiple Ways

The possibilities of promoting your products or services through your website are many and varied. It can be videos, demonstrations, testimonials. If you install an online chat, you can talk to your customers in real time. You can even do it through messenger plugin

Conclusion: You will improve your business ROI

It must be clarified that it is not enough to have a web page to obtain benefits. It would be too easy. The page must be designed with multi-device usability in mind and SEO must be worked on so that it is well positioned in search engines.

In general, creating a corporate website will allow a more fluid internal and external communication, facilitate the relationship with customers and suppliers, show updated relevant information and optimize some business functions. Even offline advertising costs will be reduced.

Are you thinking about creating your company website? Don’t be shy to tell us your idea!