Welcome to Mobile Seven, your professional web presence solutions provider based in Ormond Beach, Florida!

Mobile Seven was founded with the idea that a personal level of support and professional website design and hosting shouldn't cost thousands of dollars per year. Many small businesses simply don't have the cashflow to pay a designer thousands to create a professional, mobile-friendly website, so they continue to suffer from an outdated web presence. That's where we come in!

Mobile Seven customizes template-based websites on popular Content Management platforms to save clients time and money, while still providing a professional image to their users. Our base website package is only $399 and includes a brand new responsive website that is customized to your branding including colors and image. We work with local graphics artists to help you get a new logo if you need one at a small additional fee as well. We also dedicate a one-hour training session to help you learn the basics of managing your site content so you don't have to pay a designer outrageous fees just to make minor changes.

We will host your domain, website and business emails so you only need to pay one invoice each year to maintain all of your web presence services. Below is a list of the seven services that Mobile Seven can provide to you and your business:

  • Website & App Design
  • Website & App Hosting
  • Website Backups
  • Website Security
  • Reseller, Dedicated and VPS Hosting
  • Domain Registration
  • Domain Email Hosting

We're so glad you've taken an interest in Mobile Seven (and taken the time to read this) that we'd like to offer you a new client signup bonus! Simply use code "gomobile" at checkout to receive 20% off your first year of website hosting!