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Get a new website, with hosting, backups and security for only $99/month!


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Mobile Apps

Apps built for iOS and Android and connected to your site


Online Marketing


Including Website Content, SEO and Social Media Management


Mobile Seven builds eye-catching, fully responsive websites on the WordPress platform. A new website is included with monthly service, and just $99 will get you started.

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Mobile Apps

We build hybrid, cross-platform mobile apps for iOS and Android. By connecting the app to your site you only need to make changes to your website, and they are shown instantly in the associated app.

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Our standard monthly plan includes one blog post per month and sitemap submission to the top search engines. We offer custom SEO and Social Media plans to increase traffic and promote your business.

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Mobile7 Websites

The foundation of your online marketing campaign. Here’s what’s included:

  • New Website

    We provide a new WordPress-based website with any managed monthly plan. Your logo, colors and message will be incorporated into a compelling and user-friendly site that your customers will return to again and again.

  • Website Security

    Hackers commonly infect websites with malware that tricks visitors into allowing them access. Mobile Seven provides daily automatic scanning and removal of known threats in order to protect your site and users from viruses and malware.

  • Software Updates

    Regular software updates help to ensure the best performance and security for your website. Mobile Seven runs regular checks to make sure all compatible software updates are performed on a regular basis and your website software is never outdated.

  • Cloud Hosting

    Mobile Seven provides state of the art Cloud Hosting with our packages. This ensures a fast, reliable website with virtually unlimited storage and bandwidth. Our 99.9% uptime guarantee shows our commitment to keeping your site online.

  • Domain Registration

    Everyone needs a domain in order to have a website, so why pay someone else when we will renew one of your domains annually for free, included with every package. Additional standard domains (.com, .net, .org) are just $15 / year.

  • Blog Posts

    In order to keep your audience engaged and coming back for more, we include 1 Blog Post every month tailored to your industry, with keywords that relate. Our content is custom made for your site and over time will help to increase your search engine rankings.

  • Daily Backups

    The single most important way to protect an investment like a website is to back it up! Mobile Seven provides daily automated backups that can be restored on request, or if we spot a problem with the site.

  • Business Email

    Your contact email is a reflection of your business, so using a free email provider looks unprofessional. Our plans include up to 3 domain mailboxes with 5GB storage each. Additional mailboxes are available for $2 / month / mailbox.

  • Sitemap Submission

    Once content has been updated on your site, search engines don’t generally just “know about it” until they decide to randomly crawl a site, or we tell them about it. After posting to your blog, we send a sitemap to the top search engines so your content is indexed quickly.

So how much does all this cost?

Mobile7 Apps

The future is here. App design by Mobile Seven.

Your ideas, on the small screen!

Mobile Apps are here to stay, and we love them for good reason. It’s much easier to open an app on your smartphone than to go looking for a mobile website. Many businesses don’t feel like they have the money, or time to manage an app, so they miss out on this huge marketing opportunity. We are all about small business and keeping costs bearable at Mobile Seven, so we came up with a way to offer apps to clients at a reasonable monthly rate. If you already have a website with us, we can even connect the app to the site so your products, news or blog update automatically when you update the site.

Mobile7 Marketing

Web Content, Social Media and SEO

Website Content / Blog Posts

Blog posting is helpful for small businesses in many ways, which we will describe here briefly. You’ll often hear us at Mobile Seven refer to your website as the “foundation of your online marketing efforts” and blogging is a big part of that. Adding to a blog regularly will increase your website content, giving users a reason to return to your site, while providing search engines with valuable information to add to their index. Your web content can (and should) be shared throughout many online venues including social media sites like Facebook or Twitter and advertising services like Google AdWords. Using this strategy can effectively increase your website traffic, bringing you quality leads or conversions. Mobile Seven provides one monthly blog post with every website plan starting at just $99 per month.

Social Media

While posting on your site will yield long-term search results, social media can be a great way to promote your business and see nearly immediate results. Social media channels like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ boast millions of users that your content can be served to instantly, just by creating a post and promoting it with any budget from small to large. Facebook particularly has grown tremendously as an easy way for businesses of any size to promote their offerings, and most business owners can post a couple updates per month by themselves. Mobile Seven offers some help with social media on certain plans, see our pricing for more.

Search Engine Optimization

So you’ve created content on your website and you’ve posted it on social media. What else should be done to make sure clients find you at the right time when they need you? They’ll probably use Google or some other search engine to find you, so you should make sure you’re showing up on their search. The good news is that Mobile Seven has you covered. Just to be sure the search engines index your content regularly, we provide one sitemap submission per month included with any website plan.

Mobile7 Pricing

Websites, Mobile Apps and Marketing

Website & Blog

$ 99 /mo
  • New WordPress Website
  • Hosting, Backups & Security
  • 1 Domain Registration
  • 3 Domain Emails
  • 1 Blog Post
  • 1 Sitemap Submission
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Website & Social

$ 199 /mo
  • All from Website & Blog
  • 2 Facebook Posts
  • 2 Twitter Posts
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Mobile App

$ 149 /mo
  • Custom Mobile App
  • iOS and Android
  • Bug fixes included
  • Connects to WordPress
  • Hosting Included
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Website & App

$ 349 /mo
  • All Website & Social
  • All Mobile App
  • Custom Plans Available
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